Being Dedicated to Development of High Value Added Fasteners and Extend Reach to Potential New Markets | Brass & Steel Metal Components Manufacturing | WAS SHENG

Being Dedicated to Development of High Value Added Fasteners and Extend Reach to Potential New Markets | Was Sheng was established in 1985. As a one-stop manufacturer, our core value is professional, conveniently and problem solver. Based on our customer support from worldwide, we operation with integrity, pragmatic and reliable attitude providing the best service and product.

Being Dedicated to Development of High Value Added Fasteners and Extend Reach to Potential New Markets

Being Dedicated to Development of High Value Added Fasteners and Extend Reach to Potential New Markets

Founded in 1985, Was Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures standard and customized machined parts, cold forged parts, shoulder screws, sleeves, inserts, precision axles, antenna holders, and stamped parts, etc. The company not only has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, but also collaborates with many professional associates. The team has also been trying very hard to improve quality day after day. Considerate service, superior quality, honest trade and punctual delivery form the mutual trust between Was Sheng and its customers and Was Sheng also offers customers the most professional products and services.

02 Oct, 2018 Fastener-World
Automotive Sleeves And Insert Nuts As Its Bestsellers, Was Sheng Extends Business Reach To Aerospace And Medical Applications

Was Sheng offers a diverse range of products for automotive and industrial applications. The company is also going towards the development of micro aerospace and medical precision parts. For long Was Sheng has built up its honor and reputation for supply of automotive, electronics and home appliance parts, including screws, nuts, washers, shafts, clips, sleeves, spacers, and holders, etc. Recently the company has also collaborated with medical device companies developing fasteners for medical applications (such as probes and dental fixtures) and has achieved significant breakthroughs. In terms of medical and aerospace parts, requirements for materials and surface treatments are what Was Sheng is making efforts to achieve. Moreover, the team is active in working with approved/authorized electroplaters for development of special surface treatments in order to meet customers’ demands.

Automotive sleeves and Insert nuts are bestsellers Was Sheng developed for customers over the past two years. These products are injection molded into plastic to reduce pressure, mainly applied to automotive fasteners. Some of prototype samples submitted are now approved for serial production. Through strict quality control over finished products with the newly invested optical sorting machines, the excellent yield is highly recognized by customers, who keep purchasing products from Was Sheng. In terms of seeking for the highest yield, Was Sheng always keeps a watchful eye on it.

In addition, the most significant feature of fasteners supplied by Was Sheng is its readiness for use as soon as they are received. Was Sheng is not only customer-oriented, but also able to help customers to save unnecessary processes and time with its all-in-one one stop service, winning positive feedback and trust from customers.

Equipped With Advanced Software/Hardware To Supply Superior Products

Aside from offering the best quality products, seeking for diversification and being professional, Was Sheng also attaches much importance to the internal software/hardware upgrade and personnel training. Internally, personnel training not only reinforces professional capabilities of every employee, but also facilitates communication throughout different divisions, which help them to solve problems quickly. On the other hand, in order to help customers sourcing fasteners they need easily and increase its brand awareness, Was Sheng invested lots of resources in setting up a new company website. Quick response and supportive services after sales have been always the greatest advantages of Was Sheng. Lots of Was Sheng’s customers are well-known international companies, making Was Sheng to accumulate a wealth of experience in working with international leading brands. Knowing weaknesses and making improvement in are fundamental for Was Sheng to keep its growth continuously.

Heading Towards Emerging Countries With Promising Future

The trade war between the United States and China will unquestionably influence Taiwanese industries to some extent. As a result, Was Sheng tends not to put all eggs in one basket In other words, the sales team is expanding business to markets in South America, Eastern Europe, Southeastern Asia and Africa. Management of Was Sheng is also considering of setting up operations in Southeastern Asian countries to prevent from antidumping duties. Was Sheng emphasizes, “What Taiwanese fastener industry should do right now is to upgrade core technology and improve high value added products for aerospace, IT, medical instruments and more applications. Meanwhile, peripheral industries must connect themselves to “smart manufacturing” as well. The concept would introduce fastener industry to the idea of Industry 4.0 and enhance competitiveness of their products.

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Being Dedicated to Development of High Value Added Fasteners and Extend Reach to Potential New Markets | Brass & Steel Metal Components Manufacturing | WAS SHENG

Located in Taiwan since 1985, WAS SHENG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has been an industrial components manufacturer. Their main manufacturing components, include brass metal components, steel metal machining components, stamping components, cold forging components and aluminium extrusion components, which are ISO and RoHS certified with all levels of PPAP, IMDS and COC documentation.

WAS SHENG has 40 years of experience in CNC machining, milling, multi-stage cold forging, progressive stamping and customized fasteners. Combine international market trend with 30 years manufacture experience, we are proficient in CNC machining, stamping and cold forging parts, our specialist reply instantly from design to produce. By the way, standoff, insert and pin are our famous products.

WAS SHENG has been offering customers precision forging and machining industrial products, both with high-quality manufacturing process and 40 years of experience, WAS SHENG ensures each customer's demands are met.