Was Sheng’s CNC Machined Parts Business Reaches Over NTD100 million Sales

Was Sheng was established in 1985. As a one-stop manufacturer, our core value is professional, conveniently and problem solver. Based on our customer support from worldwide, we operation with integrity, pragmatic and reliable attitude providing the best service and product.

Was Sheng’s CNC Machined Parts Business Reaches Over NTD100 million Sales

2016/03/03 Fastener-World

Keeping Pace with Market Trends

With more than 30 years of company history, Was Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has reached an over NTD100 million sales record with the CNC machined parts business. It currently offers CNC machined parts (accounting for 60% of its total turnover), stamped parts & screws (18% for each category), and other industrial products (4%). Was Sheng has been regularly cooperating with customers in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Americas and its sales continue to grow steadily every year. The remarkable R&D capability and stable quality of Was Sheng have made it one of the professional CNC machined parts suppliers.

Superior R&D Capability for Any Product Range

ISO 9001:2008 certified Was Sheng supplies products in steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, phosphor bronze, aluminum, Ti-alloy, POM, and other materials to DIN/ASTM/JIS specifications. Was Sheng has strong manufacturing ability and develops products which are compliant with IFI/DIN/JIS standards or non-standard. It can offer RoHS compliant products as well. Was Sheng also has strong R&D capability and the products are widely used in automotive, motorcycles, electronics, household appliances, buildings, and machinery applications.

Accurate Market Deployment & Diverse Marketing Strategies

Taiwanese hardware industry is export-oriented. As the hardware industry is both technology and capital intensive and the international trade protectionism is prevalent in many regions (EU’s antidumping measure against SS fasteners, for example), Taiwanese suppliers oftentimes feel difficulty in exporting products abroad. “There is no perfect organization in the world, even there is, it may become out-of-date as times goes by.” President Jason Hsu deeply understands what this means and tries to figure out new strategies for the company at all times when the global trend changes, thus keeping his best competitive edge.

He added, “There are currently more supplies than demands in the global hardware market, which means the competition will be more drastic in the future. China has the highest demand for steel in the world. Considering the advantage of Taiwan (a neighboring country of China speaking the same language and writing in similar characters), Was Sheng will also try to get closer to market demands and pay much more attention to changes in government’s policies in order to take the lead in the market.” He also said, “Things in the market may change at any time; however, if we can offer quick and superior service and always think more for customers, we can finally survive the highly competitive market.”

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