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27Apr 2022
COVID-19 Response.

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, we are ensuring the safety of our employees and striving to maintain the normal business and continue to take preventive measure. Luckily, our production, shipment and domestic supply chain were not affected by COVID-19, we still provide the service as usual. In order to reduce the risks of our customers and staffs, we following these precautions.1. Our staffs have received more than two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.2. We have suspended all business travel, non-essential events and supplier visits.3. Enhanced safety and cleaning procedures for staffs and visitors including social distancing, keep a distance from others, avoid meal gatherings and stricter cleaning procedures.4. Following the instruction and guidance policy from Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Health Command Center (NHCC).Was sheng cares about you.

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10Aug 2020
How to Choose the Right Suppliers for Your Business

It's very important to select the right suppliers that they can deliver the products on time with the lowest price and in compliance with the quality standards you want. Here are some points for finding the right suppliers for your company.

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02Oct 2018
Being Dedicated to Development of High Value Added Fasteners and Extend Reach to Potential New Markets

Founded in 1985, Was Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures standard and customized machined parts, cold forged parts, shoulder screws, sleeves, inserts, precision axles, antenna holders, and stamped parts, etc. The company not only has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, but also collaborates with many professional associates. The team has also been trying very hard to improve quality day after day. Considerate service, superior quality, honest trade and punctual delivery form the mutual trust between Was Sheng and its customers and Was Sheng also offers customers the most professional products and services.

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17Jul 2018
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are pleased to announce that WAS SHENG has been applied a management system according to ISO 9001:2015.Our long established policies, comprehensive quality controls, manufacturing process are a great advantage in this certification. In order to maintain our certification, WAS SHENG will be subjected to annual audits to ensure compliance and to assess initiatives for continued improvement.WAS SHENG achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification that clearly demonstrates our partners with a quality product. We will continue to apply the quality management approach to deliver continual improvement in both performance and services to satisfy more customers.

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11Apr 2017
Was Sheng Enterprise- The Unbeatable on the Market

Established over 30 years ago, Was Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has the ability to offer steady supply of machined parts, cold forged parts, shoulder screws, sleeves, inserts, precision axles, antenna holders, stamped parts, etc. Was Sheng’s major markets are located in the USA (purchasing mainly precision custom-made electronics, home appliances, automotive parts), the EU and Southeast Asia. The Western Europe countries mainly purchase highly engineered customized products, while Eastern Europe countries in the EU mainly purchase standard parts to public norms. As for the Southeast Asian market, the demand is comparatively even. Precision customized products and standard parts to DIN & JIS are mainly what they demand. According to Was Sheng’s revenue in 2016, 39% out of the revenue came from Americas, 35% from Europe and 22% from Asia.

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10Sep 2016
Leading Supplier in North America- Was Sheng Keeps Changing to Face Challenges

Was Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in 1985, mainly exports products to North America, European Union and Southeast Asia. The products sold to North America are various precision customized parts, such like electronics, home appliances and automotive components. Machined parts, cold forged parts, shoulder screws, sleeves, insert nuts were stably delivered to customers in continuous basis.

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03Mar 2016
Was Sheng’s CNC Machined Parts Business Reaches Over NTD100 million Sales

With more than 30 years of company history, Was Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has reached an over NTD100 million sales record with the CNC machined parts business. It currently offers CNC machined parts (accounting for 60% of its total turnover), stamped parts & screws (18% for each category), and other industrial products (4%). Was Sheng has been regularly cooperating with customers in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Americas and its sales continue to grow steadily every year. The remarkable R&D capability and stable quality of Was Sheng have made it one of the professional CNC machined parts suppliers.

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15Sep 2015
Was Sheng Precision Machined & Stamped Parts Exhibit Potential to Enter Tier 1 Supply Chain

Following the NTD100 million sales record in precision parts, Was Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. currently offers precision machined parts (accounting for 60% of total revenue), stamped parts & screws (18% each), and other industrial products (4%). President and founder Jason Hsu said, “Reputation is very important for business. Establishing the mission statement of a company, making effort to do it, and creating characteristics enables the company to maintain competitive edge in such a fast-changing market.” Today, Was Sheng is equivalent to the title of a professional precision machined parts manufacturer and has been regularly cooperating with customers in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Americas, which helps the company keep steady growth.

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