Metal Split Bearing Inner Bushing

Threaded Inserts

Threaded Inserts

Production Range : M1.2 to M10 Our inserts can be assembled by hot melting, injection molding or ultra sonic inserted.

Dowel Pins

Dowel Pins

Forms : Cylindrical pins ; Taper pins. Our pins can be heat treated and polished to meet strength and roughness needs.


Metal Split Bearing Inner Bushing | Machined Parts Manufacturer - WAS SHENG

WAS SHENG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a Metal Split Bearing Inner Bushing | mechanical components manufacturer based in Taiwan since 1985.

ISO and RoHS certified cnc machine parts with documents of PPAP, IMDS and COC. World-class precision machined parts including flexible coupling, cold forging parts, socket screws, stamping parts and aerospace parts manufactured according to 5S worksite management.

WAS SHENG responds details machined parts information and quotations within 24 hours according to drawing requests. Both with advanced machining, stamping and cold forging technology, and 20 years of experience, WAS SHENG ensures each customer's demands are met.

Metal Split Bearing Inner Bushing


Metal Split Bearing Inner Bushing
Metal Split Bearing Inner Bushing

A bushing is a cylindrical component that used to reduce friction.


  • Free Cutting Steel: 12L14, 1215
  • Mid Carbon Steel: 1045
  • Low Carbon Steel: 1015
  • Tool Steel: SUJ2
  • Free Cutting Mid Carbon Steel: 1144
  • Alloy Steel: SCM 440, SCM 435, SCM 415
  • Stainless Steel: SUS 303, SUS 304, SUS 316, SUS 416, SUS 420, SUS 430
  • Brass: C3601, C3602, C3603, C3604, PB-FREE BRASS
  • Aluminium: 2011, 2024, 6061, 6082

Manufacture Process

  • Cutting, drilling and milling from bar material.

Surface Finish

  • Heat Treatment: Bright Continuous Heat Treatment, Carbonization Heat Treatment, Nitriding Heat Treatment, Vaccum Heat Treatment.
  • Plating: Trivalent Zinc, Trivalent Yellow Zinc, Trivalent Black Zinc, Trivalent Clear Zinc, Nickel Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating, Black Nickel, Stain Nickel, Zinc-Nickel Alloy, Zinc-Iron Alloy, Zinc-Cobalt Alloy, Chrome Plating, Hard Chrome Plating, Phosphate Plating, Black Oxide, Copper Plating, Sliver Plating, Gold Plating, Anodizing Plating, Passivation Etc...


  • Per customer's need.


  • Automotor Industry, Building Industry, Machine Industry, Electronics Industry, Home Appliance Industry Etc...
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